Summer squash & tomatoes

Tonight I fired up my grill and cooked a summer squash my roommate had been neglecting. I sprinkled it with some cayenne pepper and grated parmesan cheese and roasted some tomatoes, which all sounds fine, okay, sure. But I’m pretty sure the squash had sat for a wee bit too long and it’s riddled with seeds that I’m trying to cut//eat around. Or it’s possible this thing isn’t even a summer squash and I have no idea what the fuck I’m eating right now. Oh, and before you get all judgey about that pile of goop in the front, it’s greek yogurt–not the beautiful, forever-my-fave sour cream I used to eat with so many dishes. I’m substituting sour cream with greek fucking yogurt now. I hope you’re happy, Dr. Bonner. You’re the only one.

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