Half-eaten, leftover bus sandwich

I spent 10 hours on a bus yesterday half-frozen, with lots of sad snacks to keep the hunger at bay, like carrots & hummus (did not eat), apple (did not eat), gluten-free crackers (did not eat), and this pb&j that I started to nibble on but  threw back in my bag. Instead, I grabbed nachos at a roadside food truck across from a gas station as a way to treat myself from the cold, shitty ride, along with some fruit snacks, and warmers to stick in my boots. The nachos were pretty good, though I realize most people would not consider buying nachos from a food truck at a gas station as really treating oneself, but I really, really love nachos. I ate the fruit snacks around hour 8 on the bus when I should have been home in bed with my cats.

Most people would also throw away their half-eaten, pb&j bus sandwich once they got home, but I suffer from a poor man’s mentality and saved the sandwich for lunch today so it wouldn’t go to waste. So here I am, eating part of a stale peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple. Never thought I’d miss my daily bag of veggies w/goat cheese lunch, but right now steamed broccoli sounds like a goddamn dream.

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