quinoa “burger” on toast

Dear reader, not much has changed. This morning I ate a bunch of blackberries for breakfast, a goddamn salad with tuna salad on top of it for lunch, and dinner was this quinoa “burger” patty thing that mostly fell apart after cooking. I topped it with some sweet peppers (that I fried in oil and then patted dry), pickles (the only redeeming thing on this weird sandwich), and onion. I eat my burgers (fake or otherwise) on toast because cooking for one means you never allow yourself the luxury of rolls unless you want to eat burgers (fake or otherwise) for eight days straight. I washed this “meal” down with a glass of apple juice. In an hour I’m going to go to the gym. Though I was hoping to pick up more discounted Easter candy at Giant Eagle, all that was left were peeps. Donald Trump is still president of the United States of America. If anyone knows a way off this timeline, please contact me at k [dot] lorraine [dot] andrews at gmail [dot] com.


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