Back to this nightmare

After spending Thanksgiving in Nashville, TN, eating a lot of french fries and chicken and enjoying the attention of nearly every man I met–some so stupidly handsome I’m not even sure if the trip was real– I’m back to this fucking nightmare of salads for dinner, bagged vegetables for lunch, and not a sweet in sight. Tonight’s 10 minutes of mindlessly stabbing food and sending it in the general direction of my mouth consisted of onion, capers, olives, chick peas, regrets about my choice of career, broccoli, croutons, almonds, and questions about why men who live in other cities are the only ones who seem to flock to me, all on a bed of spinach. I’m trying to wash down the mainly-vinegar dressing with some honey tea now and thinking about Hattie B’s pimento mac n cheese and all those beautiful Southern men and planning my next trip for the very near future.